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    Cecilia Lamar Amici Casas, MA

    Cecilia Lamar Amici Casas is a Certified Life Purpose Life Coach, Fashion Guru, and Confidence Builder! She has an established record of enhancing the lives of others through her unique and down to earth approach. Cecilia’s diverse background and proven track record of improving the lives of others includes coaching pageant contestants, preparing individuals for interviewing and speaking engagements, improving confidence and knowledge for test-taking, and enriching the environment of offices and homes in South Texas through her exquisite eye for style and fashion.

    Cecilia brings with her years of experience and a strong educational background. Cecilia received her Master of Arts in Sociology, and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from Texas A&M University Kingsville. She taught Spanish at the high school level and taught Dual Credit courses in Sociology and Psychology for Coastal Bend College. As a life coach, Cecilia utilizes her experience as a highly effective teacher. She engages others through a client-centered approach aimed at strengthening your skills while holding you accountable. Her methodology encompasses her belief that acting as a facilitator builds individuals’ confidence, encourages creativity, promotes engagement, and builds confidence in her clients that will last a lifetime. During her time as an educator, she served as Master Teacher, which focused on developing the skills of educators engaging them to teach with intent and to hold higher expectations. Her role as a Master Teacher involved intense training to produce highly effective teachers. 

    The focus of her teaching career was to encourage students to see the real-world relevance in their studies and apply them accordingly to their current everyday lives, then connect those lessons and those skills to their future. Cecilia applies this same approach to her work as a Life Coach, Fashion Guru, and Confidence Builder! To do that, she will encourage clients to set small daily goals that will become habits and, in turn, help accomplish future short-term and long-term goals. Cecilia’s philosophical approach to building others’ confidence entails daily encouragement of a growth mind-set providing clients the benefits of positivity, goal setting, and an understanding that attitude is critical in reaching their respective goals. Cecilia’s passion for all things beautiful is rooted in her upbringing. Her impeccable taste and skills range from helping pageant contestants and revamping clients’ wardrobes. Her skills include re-decorating your house or office to enhance, revive, and beautify your surroundings. 

    To say she is a strong advocate for personal growth is an understatement. Connect with our team today to begin working one on one with Cecilia to meet your individual goals!